Monday, June 8, 2009

The Grudge....

At the base of Japan's Mount Fuji lies a dense sea of trees with an ominous nickname: "Suicide Forest."
It's the place where the desperate and lonely go to end their misery, in the hopes of never being found. And, say Japanese authorities, many aren't. Although scores of bodies are plucked from the woods each year, the rough terrain and inaccessibility of the Aokigahara region mean many more will never be recovered.
The current worldwide economic crisis is sure to make an already bad situation in Suicide Forest even worse. Japan already leads the world in suicide rates, more than 30,000 a year. The more Japanese that lose their jobs, the more they are buying one-way tickets to Aokigahara.
Authorities say they are finding so many bodies they are running out of room to store them.
"Something must be done," says the spokesperson for Ashiwada village. "We can't afford to dispose of any more bodies. The suicides are ruining our villages financially."
By: Christine Reed

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