Monday, June 8, 2009

Jesus Please Grab the Wheel....

Meet Ms. Lashaundra Chantee Cooper, 23. Ms. Cooper was arrested over the weekend after she left her two kids, ages 1 and 3, alone in an unlocked car while she ventured into a Marietta Wal-Mart and shoplifted items for herself, according to Cobb arrest warrants.
Passer-by’s spotted the unattended children and notified police. The 1-year-old was screaming and walking on the front seat, the keys were in the ignition but there was no adult to be found. Officials spotted one car seat in the vehicle, but neither child was in it, according to the warrant. One of the children was wearing only a shirt and nothing on his bottom half, according to an officer who approached the vehicle.
Cooper was arrested upon her return to the vehicle and faces a felony child cruelty charge. She’s also facing shoplifting charges for allegedly concealing $24.75 worth of merchandise in her handbag and exiting the store. As of todays date, she remains in jail without bond, according to the Cobb County sheriff’s office web site. (Source)

I hope she kicks her drug habit and if she is not on drugs what could possible explain her negligence and stupidity.

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