Monday, June 8, 2009

Sign, Sealed, Delivered...I'm Yours....

This old school musical genius tries to keep his family close. But, he had to cut two family members loose recently. His two younger relatives, were not only using the pickup line: "We're related to ( )" to try and get sex out of girls but they were showing up at his Hollywood mansion, parking on his lawn, out front with the music blaring.
When security came out and told them not to park on the lawn. A brawl ensued as the rich neighbors looked on in shock. The two younger relatives were stomping the security guards, cussing and screaming until the security guards got the better of them.
Things cooled off for about a month and then the younger relatives reappeared, hinting around that they wanted to move in, when the musical genius told them no. They retaliated by trying to force his hand. They had a refrigerator plopped down on the lawn and they sat out in an U-Haul, smoking blunts, hoping he would change his mind, he didn't, instead the police were called and the fridge was loaded up and the police took them into custody for the marijuana; cases of beer were also found in the moving van.
This isn't the only messy scenario with family members, it's always been rumors of drug abuse (not with the musical genius) but with a few siblings. There have been STD rumors, wild sex rumors, etc., including family members who insist on living off his money.
Who is the musical genius?


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