Monday, June 8, 2009

Not so Blind Item...

This happens every time her husband reaches his limelight zenith. Her sense of entitlement multiplies. She lives through her husband's success, her importance is measured by his accomplishments. She has no life of her own. This man has become so powerful in his field, like several of his peers, it's rumored he's a member of a powerful black secret society with deep connections.
Last week, we heard she was shopping at the upscale shops on Rodeo Drive, when she took clothes off the rack, she held them up to inspect, if she didn't want them, she just threw them on the floor and instructed the sales girls to pick them up, like they were maids.
Salespeople hate to see her and her girl crew coming. They are loud and crude and they love talking down to people and they really talk down to black female employees, like they're on an plantation.
She's also resentful that Posh Spice has a $10 million dollar credit line at the Neiman-Marcus at Beverly Hills. She's appalled that Neiman never reached out to her for a credit line of that magnitude.
When her husband's numerous new infidelities get back to her, each time, she continues to retaliate by going to the hood in one of his 6 figure cars and soliciting dope boys or thugs off the corner for a quick sex fling at an nearby motel.
This illicit practice is occurring more rapidly because her husband is cheating so frequently with one wifey, a jumpoff, porn stars and escorts (that we know of).
She's telling friends she's worried because hubby has been distant and when they have sex, which is very rare, he acts like it's a chore. She's wondering if he will file for separation or divorce soon.
Who is the famous hubby and who is the wife?


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