Monday, June 1, 2009

"Take 5"

A segment of the sex industry is gaining momentum. You heard of female artists having sex for tracks. Now, we have women who are on outcall to sexually service recording artists between breaks in the studio as featured in the film "Notorious."
A black man, considered a super producer started using this method before anyone. Allegedly, he says behind closed doors: "Some artists perform better after fellatio is done on them or they engage in sexual intercourse prior to recording."
This producer and one of his well known artists, went through girls doing every studio session. They were running trains on a regular basis, it's amazing they got anything done. When the artist arrived at the studio, 4-5 women would be waiting. If he wasn't up to having group sex, he would select one.
This practice has become widespread, especially in rap. Certain girls (on speed dial) are called in when a performer is having a bad day at the studio. They perform sex, fellatio and lap dances, to generate his creative juices, according to a source.
One girl, non-black, was called in. She was surprised when a famous hip hop guy started humiliating her in front of his crew. He even punched her, she wasn't the first girl he did this to, in front of his boys. Later, he would pay her off and cover her medical expenses.
Who is the music producer?
Who is the artist?
Who is the violent hip hop guy?

(Source: Panache Report)

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